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The MarketPlace Limited is a chain of 8 grocery stores located throughout the island of Bermuda.


1939 - The Hamilton MarketPlace on Church Street, was originally started by the Crisson Family in 1939 on the corner of Parliament & Reid Streets.

1946 - The operation was purchased by the Pimental family and was located on the corner of Parliament & Church Streets.

1950 - The operation was purchased by Mr. Fernance Perry.

1960 - Mr. Fernance Perry formed a limited liability company named Piggly Wiggly Limited and the grocery store became known as The Piggly Wiggly.

1961 - The Piggly Wiggly moved to its present location on Church Street, opposite The Cathedral.

1964 - Mr. Perry built a second grocery store in the West end of the island named the Somerset Piggly Wiggly Plaza.

1965 - Mr. Perry built a third grocery store in the East end of the island named the Shelly Bay Piggly Wiggly Plaza.

1974 - Mr. Perry built a fourth grocery store named the Heron Bay Piggly Wiggly Plaza.

1977 - The Shelly Bay Piggly Wiggly Plaza was burned to the ground by an arsonist but within a year was rebuilt and back in operation.


1979 - In March, the Piggly Wiggly Limited became a 5-store chain when its operations were purchased by Mr. Alvin Ferreira who owned the Modern Mart grocery store on the South Shore Road in Paget.

1981 - The four Piggly Wiggly stores' names were changed to The MarketPlace Ltd.

1987 - In September, the operations of the MarketPlace Ltd group of companies expanded to 7 grocery stores, when it acquired the A-1 Paget and A-1 Smith's grocery stores.

1993 - In August, Mr. Alvin Ferreira passed away at the age of 50. His wife, Pamela, assumed ownership of the group of companies, which have continued to grow.

1994 - In June, the MarketPlace Ltd group of companies acquired the property and operations of the Shopping Centre Limited grocery store on Victoria Street in Hamilton.

The MarketPlace Group of Stores are the most modern in Bermuda and in many cases surpass the quality of stores in North America.